The expatsPerfoming with Mark Wood   Formed in 2009, the Expats began when Beau and Fred started jamming with Erik. Seth joined shortly thereafter. The name is a play on the concept of being an expat, in this case, of the commonwealth of Virginia; the home of Fred, Beau, and Erik. Veterans of the music scenes of Norfolk, Richmond, Atlanta, and Athens, the Expats write original music that captures the sound and emotion of the music and art of these great cities. The Expats are based in Marietta, GA.

  • Fred Denny                      Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Seth Gamba                     Drums, Violin, and Recording
  • Erik Herndon                   Guitar and Vocals


  • Harrison Dorfzaun          Saxophone
  • Beau Hunt                        Drums

You can download mp3s here:



Hell Mach Four began as a four-piece in August of 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Their sound was grounded in the Hardcore of Richmond, VA and D.C. with roots in jazz and punk.

With only a six-song cassette tape to offer, the group traveled for six weeks on their first tour of the United States and Canada in the fall of 1995. A brief tour in the spring of 1996 culminated in a performance at South By Southwest. In the summer of 1996, Moodswing Records of Atlanta, Georgia released Hell Mach Four’s first self-titled 12″ record. Shortly thereafter, Ruido Records of Richmond, Virginia, in association with Moodswing, released a Hell Mach Four / Stinking Lizavetta split 7″ single.

In support of their two new releases, Hell Mach Four completed a second six-week U.S. and Canadian tour. In the winter of 1997, guitarist, David Sanchez, left the band on good terms to pursue his dreams as a visual artist. After a short break, Hell Mach Four reorganized as a three-piece. The result was their first full-length CD, Ten Meter Resolution (Moodswing Records, Porcelain Productions, Richmond, and Stickfigure Distribution, Atlanta). Ten Meter Resolution received radio play in Richmond, New York City, Atlanta and many other cities and charted in the top 200 on college radio stations.

Hell Mach Four moved to Atlanta in the fall of 1999. Atlanta offered a strong fan base, a greater variety of venues, and proximity to their record label. Their third album “Origami Rockets” was released on Moodswingrecords in the summer of 2001. The band continued playing shows in Atlanta and on the east coast until 2005. Erik is now a music teacher, Buffy a nurse, and Warren a chef.

  Buffy Davis
  Warren Jones
  Erik Herndon
bass & vocals  
guitar & vocals  


First 5 Thru   first 5 thru album coverThis was my first band formed in Richmond, Virginia around late fall of 1991 on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. It was a very inspiring and talented group that set the standard for me as an artist. One of my favorite experiences was improvising with these guys. Some shows we would play 50% of our set spontaneously improvising from one song to the next. I loved it when friends would come up to me and say “I really loved the new song!!” – the new song being an improvisation of course!!


One interesting fact about First 5 Thru was that we numbered each song and were comfortable writing sets based on number lists. I believe we wrote 19 songs total. As we only released a single, we came out with titles for the songs on the 45 based on Richard Lee’s lyrics. Additionally, we completed one tour getting as far north as Minneapolis, Minnesota. I remember playing with Chisel and staying at the Leo brother’s house in North Bend, Indiana and hauling gear up a long flight of steps in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I think we played at a bowling alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin too!

This band was formed among friends; Chris Voccia and I being buds from Tidewater. Chris and Richard being childhood best friends. Booker Sessoms and Max Henkel meeting up at VCU. I still think often and fondly of the shows and great times we had making music!! First Five Thru


Our drummer Max Henkel kindly uploaded our music to Soundcloud:

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Erik! Its been quite a while but i’d love to reconnect with you. Please call/text me at 857-523-8478 or via my email above. Any chance you’ll be visiting family in western Massachusetts this summer? It would be awesome to meet up with you again, even if just for a short visit.
David Wildman

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